CISN Enterprise Communications is TOWARDEX Company's internal IT organization that provides solutions to empower business partners across departments and deliver services more efficiently and effectively. CISN's mission is to support and empower our company's employees by providing prompt, sustained technology dominance across the full range of network services and field communications in support of our engineers.

CISN2 (Corporate Information Systems Network, AS25623) initially grew out of the need for TWDX IP NOC personnel and contractors to better manage our infrastructure. Leveraging TOWARDEX's regional network assets, CISN2 lights its own dedicated fibers and lambdas on company-owned dark fiber infrastructure. CISN2 ensures survivability and assured operator access by maintaining independence from TWDX network elements that are providing revenue services.

CISN2 also operates its own independent L2/L3 VPN (and now EVPN) infrastructure over MPLS overlay. This allows multi-tenancy and virtualization of the IT services network to meet variety of use cases and information security requirements. CISN2 maintains its own Amazon AWS DirectConnect and Azure ExpressRoute interconnects to facilitate internal communications to IT workloads in the cloud.


To report network abuse on systems owned or connected to CISN2, please email abuse [at]

If you are reporting trouble for TOWARDEX Public Wireless SSID in public locations, please contact support [at] Please note that support for public WiFi access is provided on best-effort basis.

CISN Locations

CISN services for TWDX engineers and field operators are securely available at every TWDX network facility. Field engineers seeking assistance should contact the IT helpdesk by dialing 555 on the field telephone, messaging, or by calling the main NOC number at 844-290-TWDX and request to open a CISN ticket.

CISN public facing services, such as guest WiFi, data center DMZ (DCDMZ) and wireline employee IT services (including intranet, SDWAN, Single Sign-On) are only available at the following points of presence:

SBO        1 Marina Park Drive, Boston, MA
BSN        70 Inner Belt Road, Somerville, MA
BSN03      50 Inner Belt Road, Somerville, MA
BOS        300 Bent Street, Cambridge, MA
BLR        22 Linnell Circle, Billerica, MA
NDH        105 Cabot Street, Needham, MA
NYM        32 Avenue of the Americas 7th Flr, New York, NY
JFK        111 8th Avenue 2nd Flr, New York, NY
EWR        165 Halsey Street, Newark, NJ

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